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We are very appreciative of referrals from our patients. This affirms our constant commitment to meeting the needs of our patients, treating them as we would like to be treated, and providing quality care. To show our gratitude, we have adopted a CARE TO SHARE Program. We offer a gift certificate or credit towards treatment for patients in active treatment that refer people to our practice that go into treatment themselves.

We also have a WOODEN NICKEL incentive program for our patients in treatment. This is to reward patients for their commitment to an excellent orthodontic experience. Patients are eligible once they begin any active treatment.

One wooden nickel can be earned at every visit for each of the following:

Wooden nickels can be redeemed at any time when a sufficient amount of nickels have been amassed for a particular prize. There are an assortment of different prizes including, but not limited to, movie passes, Dunkin Donuts, pizza, Amazon gift card, and a Visa gift card. Prizes can change from time to time.

We Make Orthodontics Affordable
Our different financial arrangements fit into most people’s budgets: